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Світове лідерство у професії внутрішнього аудиту та корпоративного управління

The Conference Opening. Official statement.

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Today, September 26, the regular International Conference, organized by the Institute of Internal Auditors of Ukraine was opened. We will publish a report, photos and videos of invited world-class lecturers later, and now we are offering you the speech of Tetiana Lebedynets, the executive director of the Institute. Due to extraordinary events that have taken place and continue to take place around the Institute, we consider it appropriate to put the speech fully.

Dear colleagues, dear guests of our conference.

I would like to introduce our team, thanks to which, although not only them, our today’s meeting with you became possible:
The president of the Institute of Internal Auditors – Sergii Liulchenko,
Me, the executive director of the Institute – Tetiana Lebedynets,
The head of the Audit Commission – Lyudmila Kalinchuk.


First of all, we want to apologize to our foreign guests, including representatives from Hong Kong, Portugal, Norway, Austria, Bulgaria, the United Kingdom, the Republic of Cyprus, Hungary, Italy, Turkey, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Russia for limited communication and impossibility to respond in time to your requests and organize this year’s conference at the proper level!

Those of you who have already been our delegates in past years know our hospitality and that we, though a small public organization but have always done everything so that you feel comfortable and remember Ukraine as a hospitable and beautiful country.

This conference has become a challenge for us all, and we thank each of you that you are with us today and that the conference will take place.

At the same time, we apologize for the fact that due to resource constraints we were not able to organize your stay at the best possible level, but the greatest value is your presence, live communication with the audience and your support.

So, what happened?

The fact is that on the eve of our international conference, according to the decisions of the Pechersk district court, employees of the National Police of Ukraine conducted massive searches at all heads of the Civic Organization of the Institute of Internal Auditors of Ukraine, as well as all our partners who are usually involved in organizing our events.

During the search, all documents regulating activities of both a civic organization and a limited liability company and our partners who prepared the conference were withdrawn. What was seized: statutory documents, minutes of the board and general meeting, members’ power of attorney for the right to vote, internal administrative documents for the right of signature, as well as seals, laptops, own mobile phones of board members and partners, all correspondence about business activities of ours and our partners was also removed, the ability to work with banks was blocked.

We were in fact blocked and unable to provide for qualitative preparation. We sincerely apologize if you have experienced certain delays and shortcomings in the work of the organizers.

We perceive this activity of the National Police as an attempt to exert pressure on independent social activities, which may be related to the following:

We, who are now facing you, are former employees of the Inspection department of the National Bank of Ukraine.

We honestly fulfilled our duties as civil servants and were guided by the requirements of the Law, submitted notifications of possible corruption facts at the National Bank of Ukraine signed by me personally and my deputy, Lyudmyla Kalinchuk.

This notification was sent to the Supervisory Board of the National Bank of Ukraine, the National Anti-Corruption Bureau and the National Agency for Corruption Prevention in accordance with the requirements of the law.

According to the facts, proceedings are open and pre-trial investigation is conducted.

We are also witnesses in many other criminal proceedings related to financial misconduct.

We also act as active fighters for the implementation of the independent internal audit function in accordance with international standards in the public sector but our draft of Law number 2308 which was registered in July 2015 was never put on the agenda and was not voted even despite the conclusion of the Committee on European Integration that our Law is a priority!

So, as a driving force of the professional community we are not comfortable for a very large circle of government officials because we are actively and publicly defending professional and moral principles.

We are those who do not compromise and do not enter into an agreement with evil when pursuing good intentions, nor for the sake of short-term benefits.

We call things as they are and thus we are very uncomfortable.

We are conducting activities in the Institute and also accepted an invitation to work for the civil service, because we perceived it as a chance to serve for something more, spending our own free time and leaving more comfortable jobs in foreign companies.

We continue our activities now trying to influence changes in the country for the better in a specific place and at a specific time.

And despite the artificial and unwarranted pressure that we now feel, we continue to fight for the fate of our own country and our future in this country where democracy and rule of law are the greatest values!

And then Ukraine will have a worthy place among the European democracies.


Our aspirations are best expressed in the words of Ivan Franko, the great bricklayer:

“To be a master, not a servant
Before the world become»

The fact that you are here today with us, our esteemed lecturers and guests and you share your experience and the latest technology with us, brings us to the glorious purpose.


Glory to Ukraine!

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